About us

Baladi Shawarma History

“Welcome to Baladi Shawarma, a family owned and operated restaurant serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine in the beautiful City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Why? And what does Baladi mean? Baladi is an Arabic word that means my country or my homeland. Although our food and recipes originates from Palestine (hence the name Baladi), we take great pride in serving this city which we also like to refer to as “Baladi”. We LIVE here we EAT here.

We serve mouth watering Beef & Chicken Shawarmas, Donairs, Kababs, Chicken Shish Tawouk for all those meat lovers. We also serve vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options that includes fresh made chiefessays.net my responsibilities to order Falafels, in house Hummus, Salads and Rice dishes.

At Baladi Shawarma we LOVE supporting local vendors, suppliers, and farmers. As such we do our best to source our products locally. That includes our Alberta Halal Meats, bakeries, and produce suppliers.

We aspire to cook traditional Palestinian food and provide our guests with scents and flavors only available at Baladi Shawarma.